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31st March 2020

Click & Collect: tracking available supermarket grocery collection slots

Last Thursday, New Zealand entered Alert Level 4 , and we've been asked to stay home as much as possible. To avoid…

22nd March 2020

Wallet App: Initial Idea

Way back in October 2019, I wanted to build a simple app to help track cash payments. This week I finally started…

16th March 2020

Monitoring Our Gas Usage With a Raspberry Pi

Table of Contents Summary The Problem How Do You Read A Meter? A Simple Circuit Software: The Odometer Project How…

15th March 2020

Programming an old Arduino Nano on Linux (without the IDE)

A wee while ago, I picked up a clone of an Arduino Nano from the local electronics store. This afternoon, I was trying…

4th March 2020

Summing Contiguous Lists in Prolog

The past couple weeks, I have been trying to wrap my head around Prolog. Prolog is a logic programming langauge, that…

8th January 2020


Today I wanted to add debug logs to the turbine project. This means that when a certain environment flag is set, extra…

5th January 2020

It's The Twenties!

Woo! It's the first week of 2020! This is a slightly shorter week than usual, because it starts on a Wednesday - shout…

4th January 2020

Panmure Basin

3rd January 2020

Brunch At The Fed

29th December 2019

Last Complete Week of 2019

I spent a lot of time this week configuring my microservices to deploy to Cloud Run using Cloud Build has a been a…

27th December 2019

Chef John's French Toast

For breakfast I tried out a new method of cooking French Toast. It's from Chef John - creator of the amazing Food…

25th December 2019

A Walk By The River

A quiet Tuesday afternoon in Rotorua with my family and our two dogs, Murphy and Tilly.

24th December 2019

Turbine & Google Cloud PubSub

I am thinking about deploying a few projects onto the Google Cloud. These projects will be built on microservices and…

23rd December 2019

The Monte Carlo Method

This is my solution to problem #14. The Problem The area of a circle is defined as πr^…

21st December 2019

First week back in Rotorua

Thoughts It's been a week of being back home in Rotorua. I've been away since February, but it feels like I haven't…

20th December 2019

Project DASH - an open source strava dashboard

I have been running since June 2016, and each year I set a goal for the total distance I want to cover over the year. In…

18th December 2019

Binary Trees

I recently subscribed to the . Every morning they send out a coding challenge based on an…

22nd June 2019

Peanut Butter & the Anthropocene Reviewed

Trying out a new blog format, where I just jot down notes about what I did today. It's inspired by the wonderful blog…

24th April 2019

Pathetically Achievable Goals

I had a goal at the start of the year to regularly post to my blog. I haven't posted to my blog in a while, and every…

3rd April 2019


I moved into my new apartment on Monday. It's a cute little place - I'm renting it for a month through Wunderflats. It…

30th March 2019

Running Shoes

I finally bought a pair of running shoes in Berlin today. It's something I've been meaning to do since I got here nearly…

28th March 2019

SIM Cards and Supermarkets

Tomorrow my Vodafone UK prepaid SIM card plan expires. It's a bit of a shame, because I still have a whopping 15.7 GB of…

26th March 2019

Daylight Savings and Sundials

I've been thinking a lot about time recently. We've got Daylight Saving Time (DST) coming up soon in Germany. On the…

25th March 2019


I've been living in Schöneberg for the past few days, and really enjoying it. On both Saturday and Sunday I would wake…

23rd March 2019


On Friday morning I updated one of my favourite libraries: selfupdate . It's open source, and you can find the code at…

21st March 2019

One Wok Noodle Stir Fry

This is a recipe I've been iterating on for dinner for the past couple of days, and it's quite tasty so I thought it…

19th March 2019

Wireguard Port Forwarding

I've been trying to setup Wireguard. It's one of those things where it looks like it should be quite easy, but if it…

17th March 2019

Rooibos Chai Tea

Last night I had dinner at Jacob and Alex's place. Jacob cooked a fantastic Palak Paneer curry, Alex served us some…

16th March 2019

Git Guru

Yesterday I started a new project. Quick background: At Mish Guru we use Github to manage our code. When a developer…

14th March 2019

Washing Machines

I'm currently living out of a small duffel bag, and only have so many pairs of clothes, so I need to wash them all about…

13th March 2019

Hot Sauce

Jacob is a big fan of the YouTube channel Hot Ones - a TV show where celebrities are invited to eat a series of chicken…

12th March 2019

Stir Fry and Wikis Day #2

Song: Alfie Templeman - Like an Animal. This morning at work I continued setting up Gitbook, and migrated all our…

11th March 2019

Wiki's and Public Transport

Song: Dominic Fike - 3 Days. ^ I'm going to figure out some way to embed a music player for these songs at some point…

10th March 2019

Cats and Cafes

Song: Big Red Machine - Gratitude. After today I will have been in Berlin for one week. I packed my bags and checked out…

9th March 2019

Colour Schemes and Supermarkets

Song: Pete and the Pirates - Think Twice I'm a big fan of the band Teleman, and recently discovered their previous band…

8th March 2019

Public Holidays and Pizza

Song: Yellow House - Stray I want to get back into blogging. I'm not too sure what to write about. So I'm just going to…

15th October 2017

Kitchen: Bagels

Saturday morning. I decided to bake a batch of bagels. This is the second time I've ever made bagels - the first I tried…

2nd October 2017

Kitchen: Ginger Crunch

This was a late night cooking experiment. Originally I wanted to make some bagels - but I didn't have enough flour. A…

1st October 2017

Kitchen: Sunday Pancakes

This morning I made pancakes for breakfast. They turned out pretty well. Recipe:…

30th September 2017

Mixtape: A Midnight Bolt Of Electricity

Continuing to redub my mixtape collection, today I chose one of my favourite mixes - "A Midnight Bolt of Electricity…

20th September 2017

Mixtape: Charles Bradley and Soul

Today I purchased my third cassette deck from Fred at This one is a Sony TC-K615S and it's an…

13th September 2017

Instant Film: Mt. Eden 2

I've had a cold for the last couple of days and have been stuck inside with chicken noodle soup, lemon+honey drinks and…

12th September 2017

Sony TC-161SD Cassette Deck Repair

I quite like cassette tapes - particularly recording mixtapes. I acquired a 1970's Sony cassette deck earlier this year…

9th September 2017

Instant Film: Mt. Eden

One of my goals for 2017 is to take an instant film photograph every single day. Yesterday I had lunch at one of my…

6th September 2017

Mixtape: Life Below The Storm

I woke up a cold this morning - and went out for a walk listening to my 'Sick Days' mixtape I made the last time I had a…

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