September 06, 2017

Mixtape: Life Below The Storm

life below the storm

I woke up a cold this morning - and went out for a walk listening to my ‘Sick Days’ mixtape I made the last time I had a cold. I decided to make a new mixtape for when I was feeling under the weather. It’s mainly based around some artists I have been listening to a lot lately.

Spotify Playlist:

Cassette List:

Side A

  1. Earl St. Clair - Good Time
  2. Yukno - Sonne
  3. Portugal. The Man - Tidal Wave
  4. Arcarde Fire - Good God Damn
  5. Future Islands - Through The Roses
  6. Magical Cloudz - Downtown
  7. Wings - Let ‘Em In
  8. Radiohead - High And Dry

Side B

  1. Dan & Drum - You’ll Find
  2. CHAMPS - I C Sky
  3. Flotation Toy Warning - Driving Under The Influence Of Loneliness
  4. The Strumbellas - The Night Will Save Us
  5. Matt Berry - Take My Hand
  6. Everything Everything - New Deep
  7. Graeme James - Walking On A Dream
  8. The One AM Radio - Constance
  9. The Preatures - Business, Yeah
  10. Yukno - Zu Meinen Gottern

When recording onto tape I cut out the end of ‘Take My Hand’ because it’s quite jarring.

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