October 15, 2017

Kitchen: Bagels

kitchen bagels 3517

Saturday morning. I decided to bake a batch of bagels. This is the second time I’ve ever made bagels - the first I tried two different styles: San Francisco and New York. This time I just made the New York style.

Recipe Link: New York Style Bagels

Recipe Link: San Francisco Style Bagels

kitchen bagels 3519

It’s really not that difficult to make bagels, though it is time consuming, as you need to wait a good hour and a half while the dough rises.

kitchen bagels 3522

I boiled each bagel in water for two minutes on each side - managing four at a time in the pot.

kitchen bagels 3524

After boiling, I gave them an egg wash and covered them with poppy seeds.

kitchen bagels 3526 kitchen bagels 3527

I was really impressed with how they turned out.

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