March 08, 2019

Public Holidays and Pizza

Song: Yellow House - Stray

I want to get back into blogging.

I’m not too sure what to write about. So I’m just going to start with a photo, a song and a samll description of my day.

Overlooking the Landwehrkanal

It’s “Frauentag” in Berlin today — a new public holiday created because Berlin didn’t have enough days off.

I visited Alexanderplatz, most of the shops (all except cafes) were closed. There was a large crowd of people protesting with signs and music. I needed to walk through it to get home.

Because the supermarkets weren’t open, I decided to get pizza for dinner. I visited Turtle Pizza which had good reviews. I didn’t quite understand the ordering process, and accidentally ordered twice. Great pizza, but if you go:

  1. Figure out which people are queuing to order and which people have already ordered and are just waiting for their pizza.
  2. Make eye contact with one of the staff
  3. There is a menu, but only the pizzas that have been prepared and are on display are available.
  4. You don’t want to order a full pizza, instead you want to order two slices. After you order your pizza will be placed in the oven and cooked. While this is happening you should stand back from the counter and wait.
  5. When your pizza is ready, you can pay and they will slice up your pizza into strips and you can choose to take it away in a box or eat there.

I ordered three slices, and it was very tasty and I ate it all even though I knew I probably should have saved same for the next day.

I’ve been listening to “The Infinite Monkey Cage” podcast, starting from the first episode from 2009. The talk about science is quite interesting, though I think they are trying to target too wide an audience - I think it would be better if they dived a bit deeper into some of the topics.

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