March 09, 2019

Colour Schemes and Supermarkets

Song: Pete and the Pirates - Think Twice

I’m a big fan of the band Teleman, and recently discovered their previous band “Pete and the Pirates”. I’ve been listening to their album “Wait, Stop, Begin” today. It’s quite good, and fit’s my mood right now.

The Lounge/Bedroom of my current AirBnB

I changed up my terminal colour scheme today. It’s been a while since I’ve changed it. A few years ago I created a tool “” which is still running - though it seems to have developed some bugs on it’s own.

This is what I’ve got so far:


I went for a walk to the shops today, to pick up some supplies. I was looking for ALDI - which is a discount supermarket - but ended up walking into Bauhaus

  • which is the German equivalent of Bunnings. I wasn’t sure how to walk out without purchasing anything, so I looked around for something to buy so I could leave. I browsed through a wide range of products including thermometers, paint brushes and lamps but nothing stood out. I thought the staff might be getting suspicious because it had been 20 minutes and I’d started walking in circles, so I just avoided eye contact and walked past the checkout and to the nearest door as quickly as possible.

I couldn’t find ALDI but I did find an organic food store - “denn’s Biomarkt”. It was a very nice store with everything lovingly laid out, and the friendly man at the checkout was one of the jolliest people I had ever seen working in a supermarket. I paid 2€ ($3.30 NZD) for a carton of oat milk, which isn’t bad considering this store must certainly be on the pricier side - Countdown are selling a similar milk for $4.19. Groceries in Berlin are so cheap :)

Tidbit: can’t be directly accessed from Germany. You just get an “Access Denied” server error.

Leaving the Biomarkt I found the entrance to ALDI and had a look inside. It’s like a small messy Pak’n’Save - I had difficulty finding anything I needed and skipped outside.

The next store I visited was “dm-drogerie markt” - which had a lot of non-food items available for sale and everything was nicely organized, both items on the shelves and the aisles themselves. They had a great range of shaving products - I’m looking to buy some pre-shave cream, but I don’t know what the German word for that is yet…

The fourth supermarket I found was “EDEKA Fiebig”. All these stores are right next to each other. This was the fanciest supermarket I had seen yet, equivalent to a New World. They also had just about everything I needed, and it was pretty easy to find my way around.

Other than supermarkets I also visited the Uniqlo in Alexanderplatz. They get a decent rep on /r/malefashionadvice, and we don’t have them in New Zealand. I just wanted to buy a scarf (I lost my previous one in a taxi) and they had nice checkered one on sale for 2.90€. The queue for the checkout was quite long, as it’s quite a popular store. I’m quite proud of myself for understanding when the woman asked me if I wanted a bag in German, even though I had to reply in English.

I’m quickly learning how to purchase stuff at a store:

  1. Join the queue
  2. When it’s your turn, greet the cashier with “hallo” or “guten Tag”.
  3. Wait for them to scan your items
  4. Read the total cost from the monitor and give them enough cash to cover it
  5. Wait for your change (I haven’t figure out how to say “Keep the change” when it’s only 1 cent - I have a jar full of small change now)
  6. They will ask if you want a “kassenzettel” which is the receipt - I usually reply “nein bitte”.
  7. Collect your items, say “danke schön!” and leave

Berlin has a very distinct sidewalk

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