March 10, 2019

Cats and Cafes

Song: Big Red Machine - Gratitude.

It's been raining here.

After today I will have been in Berlin for one week.

I packed my bags and checked out of my first AirBnB at 11am, and can check in to my next AirBnB at 3pm.

It’s a cold day, but I have my scarf, jersey and jacket so I’ll be fine. I can visit a cafe while I pass the time.

However, today is Sonntag (Sunday). What I had forgotten about Berlin is that today most of the shops are closed, including cafes. They take the day of rest seriously here.

So I wandered around for a bit and after a while found a good place to sit by the canal. One thing I miss about small English towns is the sheer abundance of benches.

Dartmouth never misses a chance for a good bench

This was fine until it started to rain down. I found a cafe in Kreuzberg that was open, simply called “Cafe & bäckerei”. They served Turkish tea and tasty baguettes. This was my first time ordering at a cafe by myself, and it went pretty well, even though they had to pour my tea again because someone else claimed the first one.

I tried to do some work on plextools but for some reason my Vodafone UK sim doesn’t seem to let me tether it to my laptop, which is a bit of a shame. I’ll need to pick up a German SIM card sometime this month.

I checked in to my week 2 AirBnB and met Pietro and his cats Klaus and Franz. His cats are very friendly but are also very smart. I didn’t believe it when Pietro said they could open doors (by jumping and grabbing the handle!), but I’ve witnessed it a few times now. This means if I want to keep my room cat free I need to lock my door - luckily they haven’t figured out how to use the key yet.

One of the AirBnB cats - Franz

For dinner I made pasta with pesto and cheese again. This is the fifth time in the past seven days that I’ve had pasta with pesto and cheese for dinner. I really need to try something new tomorrow.

The lounge/kitchen in this AirBnB is very spacious.

AirBnb Week 2 Kitchen

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