March 11, 2019

Wiki's and Public Transport

Song: Dominic Fike - 3 Days.

^ I’m going to figure out some way to embed a music player for these songs at some point. Or at least a link to Spotify.

The second AirBnB cat - Klaus

Today was a working day. One of things I want to improve at Mish is how we write stuff down. It’s particularly important when you work with a remote team because someone isn’t always around to answer your questions.

After a lot of searching for better Wiki software, I came across Nikita Voloboev and his amazing Everything I Know wiki. This is a great resource in itself, but what struck me was how it’s all edited using markdowns files and git - and then rendered using GitBook.

I’ve been trying this out with our own wiki content, which is a bit of a mess. GitBook makes it pretty simple to get started with a GitHub repo full of markdown files — though sometimes the syncing isn’t perfect, it sometimes misses pages, though this might be because I don’t fully understand how to use it yet. The online editor is fantastic, so even without the GitHub integration, it’s miles better than our current editor.

Waiting for the bus on Urbanstraße

I walked half the way home listening to “The Infinite Monkey Cage”. Then it started raining so I jumped on the M41 bus. I really love the public transport here. I bought a month long pass, which lets you use any of the buses, trams, trains or the subway as many times as you like. It makes getting around this massive city quite painless.

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