April 03, 2019


I moved into my new apartment on Monday. It’s a cute little place - I’m renting it for a month through Wunderflats. It has a pretty neat kitchen, so I’m planning to do a lot of cooking while I’m here.

My new kitchen!

I made pizza for dinner last night, and it turned it really well so I made it again tonight. For the bases I’ve been using this Homemad Thin-Crust Pizza recipe, which I really like because it’s quick, easy and tastes pretty good.

I didn’t have any ingredients so I had to go to supermarket. I wanted to pick up some all purpose flour, but it was surprisingly difficult to find. The flour here has a number, such as 405, 550, 812 etc, and I had no idea what it meant. Luckily I found this article about how flour works in Germany and decided on Weizenmehl Type 405 - a very fine white flour.

I also needed yeast (BackHefe), as well as some baking paper (Backpapier-Rolle), some pizza sauce and cheese (Pizza Käse), as well as some salt (Salz). There were so many varieties of salt available, such as JodSalz and TafelSalz and they came in all sorts of packets - I ended up selecting a container of sea salt (Meersalz).

The Pizza Dough

The recipe I used makes enough dough for two large pizza bases, or four small pizza bases.

For the topping, I chose to:

  1. Drizzle a spoonful of olive oil on and spread it around
  2. Place a few dollops of pizza sauce and try to cover as much as possible
  3. Generously cover in grated cheese
  4. Cut a brown onion in half, and slice thinly. Sparingly place strands of onion on top of the cheese
  5. Slice or dice up a red capsicum, and place pieces on top without them overlapping.

I would then place the pizza in the oven for around 8 minutes, at which point I added a few leaves of basil, and let it cook few a few more minutes before taking it out to cool off.

Cooking in the oven

As an added bonus, I now also have a Basil plant in the kitchen. :)

Mr Fawlty. the Basil Plant

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