April 24, 2019

Pathetically Achievable Goals

I had a goal at the start of the year to regularly post to my blog.

I haven’t posted to my blog in a while, and every day I don’t I feel a little bit more worse about it, and so I end up just kind of ignoring it more.

But not today.

Completing goals feels good, especially if you keep a checklist and tick items off when you are done. But that feel good feeling sometimes isn’t enough of incentive to complete your goals.

I find the hardest part to getting stuff done is getting started. The easiest way to getting started is to pick a goal that is really easy, so easy it’s almost impossible to fail and takes minimal effort.

I call these “Pathetically Achievable Goals”.

My Pathetically Achievable Goal for today was to write a blog post simply titled “Pathetically Achievable Goals”. I didn’t even require myself to have any content. Of course, as soon as I started creating the post, suddenly I have a bunch of ideas on what to write about, and I find myself with a couple hundred words.

Here are some examples of pathetically achievable goals that I just made up:

If I haven’t gone for a run in a while:

  • Put on running shoes, and just leave the house.

If I need to respond to an email that has been sitting in my inbox for the past week, and I keep avoiding:

  • Read the first sentence of the email.

If I need to write an email to someone, and have been procrastinating:

  • Write down in your notebook 3 bullet points about what the email will be about.

We will see how well this works out, I hope to keep writing a blog post every few days.

Other the Easter break I went for a walk with some friends to Teufelsberg, a man made mountain with an abandoned NSA station which is now covered in street art. It was a wonderful spring day and walking through the forest felt magical.

The view from Teufelsberg

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