December 29, 2019

Last Complete Week of 2019

  • I spent a lot of time this week configuring my microservices to deploy to Cloud Run using Cloud Build has a been a mission - but after serveral days I think I have it working. I plan to write up a full post about the setup.

  • I bought a mountain bike. I was thinking about getting a fixie, because they look fun - but they are not very practical if you want to go up and down hills. The bike I bought was a cheap one I found on Trade Me. I’m quite pleased with it.

  • I published two short videos on YouTube: A Walk By the River and French Toast. I am quite enjoying the filming and editing process, and hope to keep making more videos in the future.

  • It’s been a long time since I last did any woodworking, but I got back into it this woodworking. I was browsing the Every Day Carry subreddit, looking for gift ideas - and came across a DIY wooden tray someone had made for holding their gear. I thought I would have a crack at making something similar. The result turned out pretty well. I filmed the whole process and plan to write up a post about what I learned building it.


  • Grim Grains I love the art style of this site, and love picking on random ingredients and reading about them. There are also a bunch of recipes I want to try out from here.

  • N Interesting Things Steve Mould has one of my favourite YouTube channels, and his series of random Interesting things is fantastic.


  • Fresh Tomato Gazpacho This is a fantastic meal for a hot summer night. I had never tried gazpacho before, but I am now a massive fan. As Chef John says, it’s “Like a salad on a spoon” so it must be healthly - but it also has an incredible flavour. It was a big hit with the family as well.

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