January 05, 2020

It's The Twenties!

  • Woo! It’s the first week of 2020! This is a slightly shorter week than usual, because it starts on a Wednesday - shout out to Odin!

  • I spent New Years with my friends on a mountain in Auckland. We sat at the summit of Big King watching the Sky Tower fireworks and enjoying a shot of whiskey.

  • The Australian bushfires are absolutely mental. The amount of damage it has down is unreal. On Sunday, as I sit in Auckland writing this, the afternoon sky is a dark hazy orange. This is from all the smoke! The orange light gives everything a spooky feeling. Donate to the Aussie Rural Fire Service.

Look how crazy that sky is

  • This week I have continued to experiment with recording and editing short films - mostly of my friends and our new years celebrations. I have been using Olive Editor, which is my new favourite video editor for Linux. My videos are all on YouTube, but not all are public (because friends privacy, etc). My latest video, I tried filming in portrait to create a short vertical video, which plays great on mobile phones.

  • I want to keep recording and editing videos this year. In 2017, I did Polaroid photos, and in 2018/2019 I switched to digital photos. I’m feeling that 2020 is my year to focus on video. I also want to get better at recording audio, especially of myself speaking, so I can narrate a story over a video.

  • I have some ideas about starting a routine, which includes going for a morning run, practising German, practising the guitar, practising card magic and spending time on app development. I still need to figure out how much time to prioritise each thing, and what time of day works best for each.

  • My friend, Edin, has published a book! It’s called “The Brilliance of Birds” and it is full of stunning photos and interesting info about NZ birds.

  • This year I want to switch to an environmentally friendly diet. I am not sure that is exactly, but it will mean minimising the amount of food I eat that is harming our environment. Right now, that means cutting out all meat.

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